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We are very happy to welcome you to the new Stewart Dawge & Assoc. web site. Our site will be dedicated to information and “how-to’s” regarding the handling, loading, shooting and just plain fun of Traditional Black Powder. 

During the past few years, this site has been the Black Dawge Cartridge Company’s commercial site. It brought you many products, including old-style and new and innovative ones. In July of 2004, we sold Black Dawge Cartridge Co. to Goex Powder, Inc. Goex is now manufacturing and distributing the Black Dawge Ammunition and Bullets.

 In the future, this site will be dedicated to information and product testing. We will have many articles from industry leaders regarding how to handle the beloved powder, and loading information for both Long Range Cartridge and Cowboy Action Shooting. We will include loading data, as well as ballistic data using many powders available today.

We will have some new bullet designs and introduce many new and exciting things for the Black Powder shooter.  Some new accessories will also be highlighted on this site.

Please check back often.  We hope you will have as much fun as we do.

Stewart Dawge & Assoc.

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